Google Extends Title & Meta Description Length For Organic Results 2016


Google has made a significant change to its organic search results pages by extending the length of titles and meta descriptions.

Here are the Changes

Title tags have been increased from 50-60 characters to 70–71 characters. That’s at least enough to fit in a few more words.

Meta descriptions have been increased around 100 characters per line, and extended from two to three lines. That’s a very significant increase, and presents far more of an opportunity to tell searchers what the webpage is about.

Some reports show that Google is still truncating the descriptions to two lines for many search results, so you may still see them coming in at around 160 characters at times. When a three line snippet is displayed they come in at 278 characters per line.

Google’s Rankbrain AI SEO Smart Brain

RankBrain is the now latest addition to Google’s Hummingbird algorithm. Rank Brain AI has outguessed Google search engineers for  by 10% when asked to view pages that should rank on top of the search results.

RankBrain is an Artificial Intelligence Program

The AI program was designed by hundreds of Google engineers and the program embeds vast amounts of written language into mathematical entities which are called vectors so that the computer can understand. Most known ranking factors such as keyword use, links, and domain authority are individually created by people. RankBrain, in contrast, is a conglomerate ranking factor that the search engineers designed and then set free to draw its own conclusions about what should be ranked and how. For words or phrases it does not recognize it is able to guess at what words and phrases user intent is looking for and show appropriate search result query results.