Cam Streaming - Tips for streaming your webcam online from home

Camcorder Live Video StreamingWith today's camcorder technology growing everyday and clients requesting information, we decided to dedicate a page to cam streaming.

The most common question we are asked is "How can I stream my cam on my web page and have it show when i am online and when i am offline?". I think there are two methods. You can have your cam hosted by a cam host and install software it requires or if you have your computer setup as a server, you can serve it from home and allow a site to connect to it.

If you are looking for a quick way to get your cam online, you might want to try Visit Melanie - Concatenations to see a live stream and how it works.

I use the same site and put my cam into my personal site to show my friends when my cam is online. With my business, I usually leave it off due to the computer resources and bandwidth it takes up. The site allows you to set a site which you want to allow access to the cam and you will need to set it properly in order to gain access across a different domain, which I think is good. I will set mine cam up for this site soon, stream it on this page and provide a little tutorial soon.


Another Great tool for getting your Webcam online is webcam 123. They offer a free trial and if you like it and get it working it is very affordable to buy. if you see someone, its live. It usually takes about 5 seconds to grab the images when it first starts up, but when you have it in media streaming mode, I have to admit, it is very fast. Ok, i have to take it out of my webpage when its not running, but keep an eye out for my webcam stream.

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