ColdFusion 8 and Flex

How to connect ColdFusion 8 with Flex and create a CRUD Application that will Create, Read, Update, and Delete records.

We are excited and after reading this article and watching our Adobe Connect User Group Presentation, we hope you will be too! The OCCFUG launched their first Adobe Connect Presentation and it proved to be a success. We had Ryan Favro give his first Adobe Connect Presentation. He walked the group through connecting ColdFusion 8 and Flex step by step. After connecting and setting up the workspace environment, he takes the user group step by step creating the Application.

Ryan also gives great tips on how to setup and use CFEclipse and Flex Builder along with ColdFusion in this Presentation. For those of you that have been wondering how to start using Flex and ColdFusion 8, this is a must watch!

We welcome all to our User Group. You can find the meeting information on occfug and you can watch the coldfusion flex presentation from the recording on adobe.

Thanks again and Cudos to Ryan Favro for Puttin on a world class Adobe Connect Presentation for our OCCFUG - User Group.