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ColdFusion 9 has been released. Are you looking for a ColdFusion Builder and Developer? Our team has been programming with ColdFusion MX since ColdFusion 5. Learn more about ColdFusion MX by visiting the Adobe ColdFusion website which was formerly owned by Macromedia.

1. ColdFusion MX Dynamic Content Management Systems (CMS). You can Beta Test our ColdFusion Shopping Cart for 2 weeks, For FREE.

2. The ColdFusion site can be part static and dynamic. A good ColdFusion Developer, like us, will know when to make things static or make them dynamic. The Static portion of the site would be the information that stays the same and does not need updated. The Dynamic portion would be images and data that you, as a client would need to change. We Use either MySQL or MSSQL for the database server and ColdFusion MX programmer code in the web pages that allow the client to Change the content on the pages. With our ColdFusion Web Design, we customize administration pages for you and the information you need access to changing.

3. Merchants - ColdFusion Shopping Cart - We have a 100% ColdFusion dynamic site developed for you already. Our Company, along with our ColdFusion developers have made the design so that your backend pages are 100 percent customizable and our administration section puts you in full control to manage your store. Our ColdFusion Developers have made it possible to add new products, update products, upload images to the server, change shipping prices, change payment methods, track your orders, build a customer client database, track your customers, choose and change you payment methods you accept and much much more. SSL is available for all the merchant accounts. When we design a shopping cart with ColdFusion, we place you on a CFMX (ColdFusion MX) 7 server and you will receive a Shared SSL for your domain name. This will allow you to do secure transactions. You can also use your own SSL certificate if you already have one. There is a one time fee to get it installed on the web server if you have your own SSL Certificate already.

4. If you need a ColdFusion Web Designer, you have found one. We Develop fully dynamic web sites that can share data between many stores via a database and database server. The price of a ColdFusion Website will vary on your needs. For Example, do you have 2 stores that need to share data or 50.

5. Our ColdFusion web developers and team is ready and waiting to consult with you and your needs. We have a top notch graphics designer and ColdFusion web page designers ready to make your site and bring your business online with a professional web presence.

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ColdFusion Hosting - Windows and Linux. You can add cold fusion to any of our standard hosting plans for just $3.99/month. Check out our ColdFusion Division where you can purchase Domain Names, Hosting, SSL. If you are a webmaster, you can run mulitiple websites and manage all your clients from one central web control center.