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2.24.2012 - PCI Compliant Shopping Cart

We now offer merchants a complete shopping cart solution and for security we have made it PCI Compliant.

SEO Specialist On-Board

We are pleased to announce that one of our staff members was picked to work with Steve Wiideman's SEO Apprentice Program. Steve the "SEO Expert" - Google Guru - has launched his Apprentice Program and has his team members working on "Pet Hotels of America". The teams are learning every phase of SEO from beginning to end. Good Luck to Steve and all the Apprentice members! ~Web Hosting Elite ~

Reseller Hosting

We have officially launched our Reseller Hosting. We rolled out 2 plans to help you get started with your own Business. If you want to become a reseller, we offer "Basic Reseller" and "Pro Reseller".

Adobe CS5 is shipping soon

After watching the Adobe CS5 release video All we could say was WOW! For all designers it is going to be a dream come true and for hard coders and developers it will make things even easier to create dynamic applications and use interactive sharing for clients.

ColdFusion 9 and ColdFusion Builder Beta test

ColdFusion Builder >

ColdFusion 9 >

Special offers

Our New Web Hosting System will Go Live on Tuesday, November 25th. We are in a new Data Center and will offer hosting specials until 2009! Our new Web Control Center allows you to manage and purchase all products and services that we offer, including domain names at industry standard prices. We also offer built in Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools with purchase of a domain name and a hosting plan.

Web hosting Elite is expanding
Thanks to all of our customers, we are in the process of expanding. We are currently implementing a billing system where you will be able to manage and purchase all aspects of your website, including purchasing domain names, hosting, SSL, and all products and services that we offer!
Thanks again everyone, Web Hosting Elite.

ColdFusion 8.0.1
Adobe® ColdFusion® 8 software just got better. The newly released ColdFusion 8.0.1 marks extended 64-bit operating system support beyond Solaris™ to Windows®, Linux®, and Mac. ColdFusion 8.0.1 also delivers the latest operating system support for Windows Server 2008 and Mac OS X 10.5.
Upgrade to ColdFusion 8 to experience: Try the free 30-day trial.
Faster applications
Deploy your existing ColdFusion applications without changing a line of code and realize overall server performance that's 4.25 times faster. The improved Server Monitor and code debugging features help to minimize bottlenecks.
Richer end-user experiences
Utilize Adobe Flex® software, Ajax, or Adobe PDF to create engaging applications or generate multimedia, OnDemand presentations.
Flexible deployment and integration
Integrate virtually all of your enterprise data and infrastructure services with native support for both Java™ and .NET objects. Deploy on leading J2EE servers like JBoss, IBM┬« WebSphere┬«, and BEA WebLogic®

Flex 3.0 and Adobe AIR Now Available

Adobe released Flex 3 and Adobe AIR on Monday, February 25th. Flex is a highly productive, free open source framework for building and maintaining expressive web applications that deploy consistently on all major browsers, desktops, and operating systems.

Adobe Flex 3 adds powerful new features for creating rich Internet applications (RIA's) for the browser and the desktop. While Flex applications can be built using only the free Flex SDK, developers can use Adobe® Flex® Builder™ 3 software to dramatically accelerate development. Try Flex Builder 3 free for 60 days.

ColdFusion User Group
We now belong to the OCCFUG. It is a ColdFusion User Group and we focus on Adobe's ColdFusion 8. We had our first Adobe Live Connect and it was awesome. Ryan Favro was the speaker/presenter and gave us a tutorial on CRUD with ColdFusion 8 and Flex. Read More

ColdFusion 8 - Released
ColdFusion 8 is officially released. Web Hosting Elite has been invited to one of the ColdFusion User Groups and will also be helping the ColdFusion user group. One of our goals is to get the video setup so users that belong to the group can attend the monthly meetings over the internet. Anyone interested in joining a coldfusion user group should visit the adobe site and look up ColdFusion Groups in their area.

ColdFusion 8 Public Beta now available
ColdFusion 8 is the highly-anticipated upcoming major release of ColdFusion. The public beta release provides developers with the opportunity to begin building applications with new ColdFusion 8 features as well as test their existing applications on the new version. Learn more about the Adobe ColdFusion 8 Beta.

Slideshow Mod - JcfSlideshow

Our team has finished developing our new slideshow mod called JcfSlideshow for Joomla. The new JcfSlideshow Extension/Mod will only apply to our customers who are using ColdFusion along with Joomla. The Mod allows the Administrator of Joomla to add a Flash Slideshow with ease. We add a new folder inside the Media Center, called slideshow. When the Administrator uploads a new photo in the Admin Media Center the new sub directories and photo's under the folder "slideshow" will appear in the Flash. Note: Our Flash, along with ColdFusion only reads them from the slideshow folder and any sub directories from the slideshow folder. It gives the Client independent control without using any of the images from templates or beta data images. Now that it works, we will begin writing the Joomla installation package so you can easily install it like any other mod. We will make the Installation Package mod downloadable and available in our "members" area upon completion.

03.20.2007 Affordable Band Hosting
We have a new affordable band hosting plan for bands and musicians. We realize it takes more space and resources to design a band website, so we load it up with lots of space and free software that will allow us to quickly get your band web presence online. It is designed to allow the client to manage the site with ease. It is dynamic, so they can make new pages, edit pages, blog, and upload new music when they write a new song.

Our team has just finished installing another PHP CMS Content Management System. We have been working daily with the new author and client to get him up and running. We are currently maintaining his site for him. See the New CMS system in action at www.johnfitchv.com.

Happy New Year everyone! We have some great news. We have opened up a second Linux Server! We are currently moving some of our personal clients from various hosting companies over to our own web server. It might take 24 to 48 hours for some of the accounts to propagate, but the nameservers have been changed. Note: We have beta tested ColdFusion on the Linux production server and will go live with our ColdFusion Shopping Cart starting Sunday 01/21/2007.

12.24.2006 Merry Christmas!
We finished installing the PHP Mod's. The New Flash Mod allows our blog clients to upload flash .swf files and link to them through the PHP CMS (Content Management System).

New PHP Dynamic Applications have been installed on our server. The main one we are currently working with is called Nucleus. It is a blog and a CMS Content Management System Which puts the Administrator in full control of managing the blog live from the web. The Admin can setup multiple blog's, assign different admin rights for each team member, and much more...

11.02.2006 - Our Team is back!
We have put up our new website and have lots of new information also. Our team is back from the Adobe Max Seminar and ready to start implementing the new technology and methods ASAP!

Members of our design team are currently in Las Vegas for the Macromedia and Adobe MAX 2006 Seminar. This is our way of getting the Edge and also gives our customers the edge to compete.

We added a form on our contacts page so you email our design firm online.

We have added a dynamic PHP Sitemap Script and it is a free download. The script allows you to put in the links to your web page and it will automatically generate an XML sitemap for you to use with google.