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Anthonys Automotive - Automobile Repair Shop

Anthonys Automotive is Mainly a standard HTML website. The only thing We did that is a little tricky is the dynamic Flash on the left which pulls the latest news out of the Database. The Client adds and changes the News daily through the Admin Section.
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Worth a note: For someone that wants to update homepage news from their desktop, I have completed the C++ Application for it :). Pretty simple, we use MSSQL. The flash queries the database for the news articles and our C++ Desktop APP can perform the updates and edits with a simple CRUD App. :)

One of these days we will get around to updating the site to CSS. The customer got exactly what he wanted at the time and if they ever have the budget for it, I would like to roll out some Web 2.0 and CSS for it.


Thanks again to William for choosing Web Hosting Elite. Please take the time to visit Anthonys Automotive Repair Shop website.