Web Design Portfolio - Cristina Velina Photography

Sell photos online

Cristina Velina IonThe Cristina Velina Photography website was mainly setup for her to sell photos online but also has some other key elements so that she can showcase her favorite photos and offer information about her photography services in both English and Romanian.

First let me start by saying Cristina is one of the best Photographers I have seen in quite some time so it is a real pleasure working with her Photography website. She has an eye for it and really captures my soul with her lens!

Below are the key features we used in her website.

  • WordPress
  • Super high quality XML flash slideshow for Cris to show off her favorite photos. It is also expandable to show the full size resolutions. We also developed a stand alone Flash MP3 player to go with the Flash Slideshow. (We are aware that flash is not the most awesome thing to push on the home page for SEO, but come on, this is a photography site and it is exactly what she asked for) :)
  • eCommerce solution integrated with PayPal
  • Digital downloads option
  • Purchase Prints with worldwide shipping options.

Thanks again to Cristina Velina Ion for choosing Web Hosting Elite. Please take the time to visit the Cristina Velina Photography website.