Web Design Portfolio - ThenandAgain.com

Then and Again - Antiques and Collectibles

Then and Again was designed with Flash (logo only) and ColdFusion. The Shop section and backend was developed with ColdFusion and integrates with PayPal. IPN data returns to the backend and everything can be managed on-site. This allows the Shopping Cart Administrator to manage their store and see the transactions.

Then and Again Antiques and Collectibles

One of our goals was to focus on SEO and clean up the website for proper validation. When we took over the developer and webmaster position, the website had many errors and also had parse errors. Feel free to check the validation from http://validator.w3.org/. Just enter the main website address. Note: Even the flash methods used in the website validates.

Why do we always mention validation? Well, when a website is properly validated, this will allow the Search Engines, such as Google, Msn, and Yahoo to be able to crawl a website error free. We get rid of all the on-site obstacles that can hinder a good crawl. Some Search Engines will stop indexing a website when it encounters an error.

Thanks again to Then and Again emporium for choosing Web Hosting Elite. Please take the time to visit their Antique Shop. (They sold the business and all antiques) Feel free to request access to shop and take it for a test drive :).