Web Hosting Elite - Sponsors

User Groups, Blogs, Tech Sites

Web Hosting Elite sponsors a lot of people these days. You will find the latest sponsor information posted here for various User Groups, Presentations/Presenters, Blogs, and Tech Sites.

Our main focus it to release sponsor notes and information after any online meetings our company attends or presents.

If our name was referenced as a sponsor during the meeting, this page will always contain the release notes for the meeting.

User Groups: We provide links and information for any specials, discounts and software discounts that are mentioned during meetings.

Check back frequently: We post the discount codes on this page, so hey, even if you did not attend one of the meetings, you might still want to take advantage of discounted prices on everything from books to software!

Hosting Discounts: Every now and then we post discount codes for our .net site and you can receive discounts of up to 15% on our most common products such as hosting, domain names and SSL certificates..