Visual Dbase Programmer

I have been programming in Visual dBase for 11 years. I started off with Dbase 3++ and then Dbase IV, Visual dBase 5.5, and along came Visual dBase 7. My main purpose for using Visual Dbase was to create an Inventory System along with top notch windows searches, reports, and printing.

I have converted many DOS, C, and Clipper programs into a modern day windows environment. Well, I should not say converted, I start from scratch and re-create it into a windows visual platform. Typical uses would be...

  • Business Warehouse Inventory System
  • Auctions and Items
  • Music Stores - CD Inventory
  • Magazine Library

Just to mention a few right. But you get the point, I use Visual dBase Programming to create programs for Business Inventory Systems and create Custom Drill down Reports, Very similar to Crystal Reports. I would upgrade to the latest version of Visual Dbase if needed!!!

All my Visual Dbase programs come with an install package, uninstall package and can be installed across a network/server and also use BDE Admin if needed.

Update: We just added a Sybase Database Server and can also deploy an application and have it use our Sybase Server. This could prove to be cost effective versus MSSQL and it can be internet friendly for multiple stores.