Internet Advertising and getting found on the Web

1. We design sites that are search engine and web browser friendly.

2. We use professional methods to ensure your site is indexed.

3. Some common methods we use include a sitemap, robots.txt file, and friendly text links and pages. Our team also validates the web pages. Not all pages are able to be validated a 100 percent error free, but we validate our code with and Dreamweaver. Sometimes our page validates 100 percent. We removed the flash - For instance, if I use a flash movie, this page has 1 error/warning when validating it against coldfusion 7 and HTML 4.0. The error is from using the flash logo in the top of the page and the error dreamweaver uses says, The tag name "embed" Not found in currently active versions [HTML 4.0,ColdFusion MX 7]. Our options are to use an Active X control for the flash or just make it an image logo like a .jpeg or .gif and then it would pass 100 percent, but we live with the error to keep the flash in it lol. Please keep in mind, this page is to be validated with the latest version of Dreamweaver for ColdFusion 8 and HTML 4.0, and XHTML 1.0 transition and it validates with No errors or warnings found.

4. Our team also implements a 404 file on the server. It helps if a client type's a wrong name of a page and will bring up a default page for the web site, allowing the person browsing to realize, they are probably on the correct web site, but that page does not exist. A 404 file is also good for pages that may have been taken off of the web server but still exist in a search engine. So, if someone searches for something in a search engine, but the page no longer exists, they will at least land on a "default 404" page, once again letting the client know the site exists, but the page no longer exists. It is very typical to have a link to the homepage from the 404 page, allowing the client who was browsing for the page to quickly get to the main web site. Many others take it one step more and use a site map file which will have all the main links to the most pertinant pages. We have found that some web hosting companies do not return the correct 404 status for a "page not found", so be aware and make sure your web hosting company support 404's. Read more on this below.

5. We also do header checks to make sure all files are returning proper header status code to ensure the SE (search engines) will visit your site. Depending on the circumstances, if you return an improper status code the SE might receive the improper status code and cause havoc, and might go away. There are many other factors as well, like lock words, which can cause the SE to lock up when they are indexing your site and again, they will stop and leave. Choose good titles and good descriptions to describe your service and use good keyword and keyword phrases that go along with your sites content. Don't cheat and try to fool the SE's or you may find your self black listed. The common task for this is type of optimization called SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

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6. We are also well aware of paid advertising and ad click programs. You can pay different search engines to get your site included with them ASAP. There are also Companies set up for small yearly fee's, where you can submit your site and information to them and they submit it to multiple search engines at one time. We strongly feel that a good site, with good content that is validated and has good content pertaining to the site and pages will allow the search engines to spider your website and do well without having to pay for any extra advertising, but we do realize, there are billions of sites each search engine has to crawl and depending on how fast you want to be included in there search results, you might want to pay. If you do, we have multiple sites we can and will suggest for you to use that are proven to be worthy. Our goal is to always make sites with good content and get them a PR page ranking so they can compete and slowly fade out some of the ad click programs they might be on. When it is implemented properly, the price of advertising over time can be reduced.

7. PR - Page Ranking - It is very important to have other sites link to your site. Our team tends to think of this as "popularity ranking" from the Google PR toolbar. The higher the PR number, the better. A site that has a 1,000 inbound links will have more credibility than a site with 1 link.

8. Our development team is ready and waiting to consult with you and your needs. We have a top notch graphic designer and web page designers ready to make your site and bring your business online with a professional web presence.

9. Here is a list of programs we use to develop our web sites.

  • Macromedia Studio 8 (now Adobe)
    • Dreamweaver for the web page creation
    • Sometimes we use Fireworks for the layout and then slice all images for use with Dreamweaver
    • Flash
  • Adobe Suite
    • Adobe GoLive for the web page creation
    • PhotoShop
  • Microsoft Office 2003
    • Exspress

Please visit our web design portfolio page to see some of the websites we have designed.

Our team has plenty of experience developing secure sites. There is a corporate virus checker for the web site and the email server. We have developed sites that use paypal and integrate merchant shopping carts. Every client gets site statistics. If you need your own personalized chat room, forum, and blog we have already developed those also. There will be no need to use free scripts where they place advertisements on any pages. We have the knowledge to put your web site up and get noticed in the search engines. We also provide free tools. If the client wants, we can use site builder to design pages a client needs to edit. For instance, if you need access to update you news page on a daily basis, we can develop the news page in a variety of ways, but you will have access to changing your own news. Depending on your needs and what type of server we put you on, I can also develop a c++ program that can run on your local machine and network and access your mssql or mysql server so that you can update your news from your desktop. Keep in mind, we give the client "what they want" and "what they need", we listen. Trust me, I have made web sites that I do not like so much, but our client loved the site and pages lol. That is where our consulting comes in. Please use our contact page to begin consulting with us today. click here