Video - How to embed video on the web - Flash, XP Movie Maker, Quicktime and many more

How to create and use multimedia Video on the Web

Lately we have been getting a lot of questions for using video on the web, so we decided to dedicate a video - multimedia topic for you. We will try to cover some of the most common methods for embedding video into a web page.

  • Free video hosting
    • If you already have your video web ready, one of the quickest ways to publish your video is to use a free video hosting site. After you publish your video, most sites will provide you with "embed video code" which will allow you to easily copy/paste the video code and drop it into your various web sites.
  • Getting your video ready for the web
    • First you have to have some type of software on your computer which will allow you to take your video from your camcorder or camera onto your computer and do a video capture. Most digital camcorders provide you with the software for downloading it into your computer. If you don't have software, but have an xp machine, you can start up movie maker and do a video capture, providing you have the proper cables and drivers installed.
  • Once the video is captured
    • once the video is captured you will need to get it ready for the web. Each software will provide you with different export or save as settings. Just remember, you should optimize your video for the web differently than if you are putting it on a DVD. You have to consider your audience for web video. You need to set a size, stream rate, and dont' forget the audio settings!
  • QuickTime Streaming
    • You can create web ready videos with ease with quicktime and it is very easy on the pocket book. Watch my Quicktime example and learn the code for the quicktime plugin used in my web page.