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Lost Souls - Music Site

Lost SoulsLost Souls - This band rocks. They are from Butler Pennsylvania and write original music. They also play classic rock, modern rock, and some alternative. If you like rock n roll, make sure you download their mp3's while viewing the site.

This Website Contains many Features. It has been up and running since the year 2000. It started out as HTML and now has a lot of extra features.

  • Music and Sounds - We created the Flash Player JukeBox which dynamically looks through the Mp3 folder and Streams the Mp3 song that the client chooses.
  • Guestbook - Flash, MySql, and PHP.
  • Streat Team - ColdFusion MX 7 to handle the Form Submission and has an Auto responder built in that has formatting that looks likes the website and colors.
  • Message Board - Perl Script which has been customized
  • Reports - PHP Reports and Stats which capture website visitors, Keywords, Referals etc.
  • Administration - This is the Power behind the website. I created an Administration section that handles 90 percent of the sites features, including the dynamic creation of ColdFusion MX pages which get written to the server as HTML. I created this feature with this thought: The Band can update pages using a ColdFusion Admin Section and when they are done editing, I write the page to the server as HTML for faster processing time in the web browser. Also Note: If the ColdFusion Server goes down and needs rebooted, the standard IIS server can still process the HTML web page, so they stay online more, which is considered "uptime" rate.

Thanks again to Lost Souls Band for choosing Web Hosting Elite. Please take the time to visit the Lost Souls band website.