Web Design Portfolio - http://www.jacobrobison.com

Wordpress Developer - Custom Development and Installation

We just upgraded Jacob to the latest version of WordPress. We performed a custom installation and also installed a custom wordpress theme.

Jacob is a serious graphic designer based out of Washington, DC and has worked on countless websites and projects with our team and has also had our team perform work for many of his projects. His new WordPress site and portfolio absolutlely rocks and if you need any type of graphic design work, I highly urge you to check out his portfolio.

Older Setup: For Jacob's site we took his existing pages and created a ColdFusion, Dreamweaver .DWT, Flash Slideshow and CSS layout for him.

By us creating a Dreamweaver template - .dwt, he can easily update the main template and then perform sitewide updates in Dreamweaver with ease. For the menu system, we used cfincludes and include the menu page and code into his .dwt.cfm template. Now when he adds, edits, or updates the menu, his entire site is updated via 1 included page. Ah, the power of an elite layout at work!

Last but not least, we stripped out all the inline styles from each page and created a master style sheet for him. The Template also uses the styles sheet, so whenever a new pages is created and the template is applied to it, it will include the master styles sheet and keep from using redundant inline styles in each page. In the long run, it speeds up the site once the style sheet is loaded.

Thanks again to Jacob, a most excellent graphic designer, for choosing Web Hosting Elite. View Jacob Robison's website.