SEO Audit Pittsburgh

SEO Audit for only $99

SEO Audit - Improve your On-Site SEO

We are currently providing SEO Audits for only $99! Our On-Site SEO Audit will give insight on 25 primary On-Site SEO factors and Server factors.

We have performed over 100 SEO Audits that are geared towards improving a site's performace with Google. If you are an SEO Agency we can also "White Label" the SEO Audit and Report for you.

How does our SEO Audit help your SEO Strategy?

It is very simple. We look at the top 25 SEO Factors and give you detailed information about each one. We look for obstacles that are geared towards improving your site performance with Google. We give you recommendations for each section of the SEO Audit and we also break down the top 4-5 intial SEO recommendations for you to fix first. All you have to do is pass the Audit on to your development team so they can start fixing and optimizing your On-Site SEO, On-Page SEO, and Server issues. If your current development team can't fix all the issues and you need an Expert Webmaster to help fix the issues, we can provide you with an Expert to consult with.

SEO Tools for our Audit:

We are 100% transparent with the SEO Tools we use and include them for each section of our SEO Audit. These tools will allow your webmaster, developers, or SEO Team to continue to monitor issues after our initial obstacle analysis report is completed. We refer to our report as an OAR (Obstacle Analysis Report) - read more about our SEO Obstacle Analysis Report.