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WillyBeads - Beads, Novelties, and Mardi Gras for Men

The Willy Beads site was developed with Dreamweaver 7. I started it out with Photoshop and then exported the images as slices for use in Dreamweaver. Once i finished the layout, the fun began. It is like a painting, piece of art, or timeless song.

Once we recreated the layout in dreamweaver, we added a nice list of dynamic database features for the website. If you don't want to read the Web Design tech notes, skip to the bottom of the page to view the Willy Beads site.

  • Look for the 5 links in the upper right hand corner of her website
  • Guestbook - The page is HTML but PHP is running behind the scenes. The PHP Script queries the MySql Database and then the flash grabs the Variables (records) and imports the records for people that have signed her guestbook.
  • The Other 4 links, Wow, FAQ, Links, and latest news are PHP pages. I used Dreamweaver 7 and created simple queries to the MySql server to grab the data and hence, it pulls out each record from the database and puts them on the web pages. Very basic, but effective. Now, since the pages are database driven, i can write an Admin section allowing her to add anything she wants to those pages, read below.
  • Administration - I wrote the Admin Section with ColdFusion. I used a CFGRID which basically opens up her database as a JAVA grid for editing online. We designed the backend so the administrator can login and then edit their pages online dynamically. This gives the owner of the website the ability to change their own content anytime they need.

Thanks again to Tanya from Willy Beads for choosing Web Hosting Elite. View Willy Beads website.