PCI Compliant Shopping Cart

Launch your store on our PCI Compliant Platform

What is PCI?

The Payment Card Industry AKA (PCI) established security standards to protect all the private information of all individuals, including organizations. These PCI security standards are also used by all credit card brands and apply to all financial institutions as well as Internet vendors and retail merchants.

Merchants - build your own store with a few clicks

We are excited to offer this service and you can have your PCI Compliant Shopping Cart up and running with just a few clicks! Once you sign up all you have to do is put in your company information and our system walks you through the setup process step by step and your store will be up, online, and functioning quickly. We make it EASY for you and you won't have to hire a webmaster and pay top dollar for a design company either. We offer lots of templates and color options for you to choose from. In order for us to keep everything PCI Compliant, we have to make sure all code and options are secure and all the options we give you are secure! Don't worry, there are plenty of awesome options :)

Features of our PCI Compliant Shopping Cart

  1. Easy and Fast Setup
  2. Accept Credit Cards, PayPal, or Phone Orders
  3. Add your products to eBay and Google Product Search
  4. UPS, USPS, and FedEx shipping with real-time rates
  5. Self Managed - Upload your own products, write descriptions, and set your prices
  6. RSS feeds keep your customers up to date on new offerings
  7. FREE 24/7 support

We could go on and on. Just head on over to our merchant site and check out all the options we include in our plan: Read More